Welcome to CXO Live, your gateway to unparalleled experiences in the ever-evolving world of technology and business. We are the destination event producer for C-Suite technology executives in the United States, dedicated to curating transformative gatherings that empower leaders, foster innovation, and drive strategic growth.

our vision

At CXO Live, our vision is simple yet profound: to create a platform where technology executives, thought leaders, and innovators can come together to share knowledge, ignite inspiration, and chart the path to a future defined by success. We are the bridge connecting visionaries, and the catalyst for transformation in today’s tech-driven landscape.

who we are

We are a passionate team of event producers, technophiles, and experience creators who are united by the belief that events can be powerful agents of change. With years of experience in orchestrating memorable and impactful gatherings, we bring a wealth of expertise to each event we produce.

our expertise

CXO Live specializes in crafting immersive, thought-provoking events designed exclusively for C-Suite technology executives. Our deep understanding of the tech industry and its ever-changing dynamics allows us to curate experiences that are not only insightful but also practical, helping attendees turn ideas into actions.

Why Choose

CXO Live?


Exclusive Focus

We cater to a niche audience – C-Suite technology executives – ensuring that every event is tailored to meet the unique needs and challenges faced by leaders in the tech world.


Thought Leadership

Our events feature a curated selection of speakers and experts who are shaping the future of technology, providing attendees with access to valuable insights and trends.


Networking Opportunities

CXO Live events are more than just conferences; they are platforms for building lasting connections and fostering meaningful relationships with peers and mentors.


Immersive Experiences

We believe that learning should be engaging. Our events offer immersive experiences, interactive sessions, and hands-on workshops to facilitate active learning.


Impactful Takeaways

Our goal is to ensure that every attendee leaves our events with actionable strategies, innovative ideas, and a renewed sense of purpose.

join us on the journey

We invite you to join us on this transformative journey where experience meets innovation, and where connections are forged that can shape the future. At CXO Live, we are more than event producers; we are your partners in progress, working with you to achieve your goals and drive your organization forward.

Connect with us today and embark on a journey of transformation, knowledge, and connection with CXO Live, the premier destination for C-Suite technology executives in the United States. Welcome to a world where your aspirations become reality.

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