The Role of AI in a Zero Trust Journey

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Starts: June 5, 2024 11:00 am
Ends: 12:00 pm
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The Role of AI in a Zero Trust Journey

Cyber attackers fight dirty. When battling head-to-head in the cyber domain, is AI giving attackers an unfair advantage? AI allows cyber adversaries to quickly adopt new techniques without worrying about production readiness. As the artificial intelligence arms race continues, defenders can sway the odds in their favor through AI-powered tools and layered defenses.


Sriram Krishnan

Head of Product Management, Blackberry

Sriram Krishnan is Head of Product Management at BlackBerry for the Cybersecurity and UEM products and leads a high performing team that is on a mission to enable businesses to operate with clarity on their cyber risk and have autonomous resilience and continuity when attacked, all anchored around a next generation AI/LP and Gen AI powered cybersecurity platform. With over two decades of experience in areas of endpoint security, network security, application security, enterprise mobile computing and identity & access management. Sriram is passionate about building products that solves pressing problems for CIO’s & CSO’s. Sriram Krishnan has over a decade of public speaking experience on security and has been a featured speaker in many events. 1. SANS Speaker - 2. BlackBerry Security Summit – regular speaker for over 5 years on topics such as Cybersecurity, VPN alternatives, AI/ML, ZTNA and more. Latest one here - 3. Speaker at several joint webinars between BlackBerry and analysts. One of the recent ones here - 4. Youtuber on ZTNA - 5. Cryptographic conference: 6. Winter Biometrics Conference Sriram is an engineering graduate from Bharathiyar University, India and has done an Executive and Management Development program from SMU, Dallas & Stanford University.