IT Simplified: Managed Services Evolution and Value

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Starts: June 5, 2024 11:00 am
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IT Simplified: Managed Services Evolution and Value

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, navigating the complexities of IT infrastructure while staying focused on core initiatives can be daunting. “Simplified IT: Managed Services Evolution and Value” offers a strategic solution. By harnessing managed services, organizations streamline their IT operations and optimize their teams to drive crucial business initiatives forward. With expert IT systems management, businesses can reallocate valuable resources, time, and talent towards innovation and growth while enjoying the benefits of reduced costs and enhanced operational efficiency.  Learn more about how managed services has evolved over the years and find out if it is right for your business.


Diarmuid Ryan

Head of Managed Services Architecture - BlackBox

Diarmuid Ryan, who serves as the Head of Managed Services Architecture at Black Box, brings over 15 years of experience in technology leadership. His approach to uncovering value through asking the right questions have established him as a senior leader with a reputation for delivering results that push the envelope. Diarmuid has served in multiple leadership roles in which he led the development and delivery of large, complex managed services that drove significant value for his customers, many of whom are global fortune 500 companies. He has a diverse background in software development, process automation, program management and solutions engineering that give him a unique approach to identifying opportunities and solving problems. His leadership style is rooted in collaboration and digging deep to help him and his teams grow.

Veronica Shivers

Director of Program Governance and Management - Cybalt, a Blackbox Company

Veronica is a PMP certified Project Manager with 10 years of experience in the cybersecurity industry and 18 years in the IT Industry. As Cybalt’s Director of Program Governance and Management, Veronica is responsible for for establishing robust governance, methodologies, and processes. Her leadership extends to overseeing a remote team of Project Managers, ensuring seamless execution across projects. Prior to Cybalt, Veronica led the Americas region for a Fortune 100’s Security Services Transition team, where she implemented standardization and governance for how clients were on-boarded to their Managed Security Services. Prior to that, Veronica built and managed the global PMO for a Fortune 25’s Security practice, directly managing a team of a dozen Project Managers and the projects for developing that company’s go-to-market Security services, which serviced 40% of the Fortune 500. The PMO she built and managed was pivotal in taking that Security practice to a $1.4B business and being ranked the #1 Global MSS Provider Overall by NelsonHall in 2017.

Tom Boehmer

Sr. Client Manger, Juniper Networks

Tom Boehmer, Sr. Client Manager Juniper Networks, has been providing outcome and impact for enterprises and service providers by enabling information technology throughout his 32-year career. Today, he serves as a Sr. Client Manager at Juniper Networks based in the DFW area and is dedicated to the mission of making every connection count.