Breakfast Session - IT Infrastructure - Living on the Edge
Breakfast Served in Tech Theater I

Tech Theater 1

Starts: June 7, 2023 8:00 am
Ends: 9:00 am
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Join Scale Computing as they demonstrate how right-sized infrastructure at the edge can benefit your organization. Edge Computing allows IT leaders to run mission-critical applications and infrastructure outside the four walls of the datacenter. Edge deployments place storage and compute resources where they are needed and run on a small or tiny hardware footprint.  Edge deployments need a high degree of automation and low touch IT management, and must be cost effective with a measurable Return on Investment (ROI). With the introduction of HC3 Platform, these edge deployments become an easily managed part of the infrastructure picture!

Jason Anderson - Technology Expert

Jason Anderson

Senior Sales Engineer - Scale Computing

Senior Systems Engineer at Scale Computing with 24 Years of overall IT experience, and more specifically the last 12 years in a Pre-Sales role focused on Data Center technologies.