CISO Roundtable
Strategies for Future-Proofing Your Security Team

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Starts: June 7, 2023 11:00 am
Ends: 12:00 pm
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Following Introductions, this CISO led panel will briefly discuss the challenges brought about involving the hybrid workforce due to the covid pandemic. Then Panelists will transition into the following current & future-looking topics:

  • The Importance of Adopting a Prevention First Approach
  • Strategies for Securing the Software Supply Chain (both internally and with focus on your customers & suppliers)
    Simplifying Security Processes for Long-Term Sustainability
  • Disrupting Disinformation & Social Engineering Campaigns
  • Mitigating Risk from 3rd Party Vulnerabilities
  • Preparing for a Compromise of a Cloud Services Provider
  • Hiring and Retaining Top Talent
  • Adopting and combating AI/ChatGPT
Joseph Greene - Technology Expert

Joseph Greene

Chief Information Security Officer - First United Bank

I am an accomplished and dynamic executive with proven expertise managing IT security operations globally, including cybersecurity protection, IT security compliance, identity and access management, security risk, and a vast range of security projects.

Brandi Johnson - Technology Expert

Brandi Johnson

Deputy Chief Information Security Officer - Toyota Financial Savings Bank

Dynamic strategic results-driven Cybersecurity executive with deep proven experience in ensuring the security of business systems. Thoughtful analysis to reduce enterprise risk, cyber risk, and operational risk, using focused proven solutions. Leading teams in Cybersecurity, emerging technologies, data platforms and Governance Risk and Compliance operations. Experience in implementing security tools, cloud technology, data and building regulatory governance programs like GDPR and CCPA. Currently pursuing CISM certification.

James Binford

BISO - Humana

Cloud Security and Strategy professional experienced with building scalable security programs, leading security engineering teams and architecting scalable, reliable cloud solutions. Designed and deployed security programs at Google and US Bank and have a deep understanding of cloud strategy, architecture and transformation earned working side by side with customers at KPMG and Amazon Web Services. I'm also the "Elmer's Glue" between teams and groups. If you’re having trouble with silos forming across your organization and are looking for someone who can bridge fractures, you can count on me to stick teams together again. SKILLS: Cloud Computing Information Security Enterprise and Security Architecture Leading Remote Teams Management Threat Intelligence Incident Response Security Program Design & Implementation DevSecOps

John B Sapp Jr - Technology Expert

John B. Sapp Jr.

VP, Chief Information Security Officer - Texas Mutual Insurance

Accomplished, visionary and strategic global information security professional, data privacy and IT risk management executive with extensive experience in healthcare (clinical trials, payer, provider and technology solutions vendor), financial services (consumer banking, investment banking and insurance), management consulting, telecommunications, hospitality, transportation, retail and manufacturing.

Parrish Gunnels

Chief Information Security Officer - Sunflower Bank, N.A.

Information/CyberSecurity and Infrastructure professional with experience in the Retail, eCommerce, Real Estate, Financial Services, Telecom and Manufacturing industries with extensive education, training and knowledge in information and network security protection, operations, controls, audit and compliance, policy and process integration, vendor management and project execution. Evanta Governing Body Member (Dallas) – 2013-Present Security Advisory Alliance Board Member - 2014-Present Texas CISO Committee Leadership & Board Member - 2013-Present