CISO Roundtable
Securing Tomorrow's Digital Frontiers: Innovate, Defend, Empower

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Starts: June 5, 2024 2:00 pm
Ends: 3:00 pm
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Securing Tomorrow’s Digital Frontiers: Innovate, Defend, Empower

Overview: In today’s interconnected world, the rapid evolution of technology presents both incredible opportunities and unprecedented challenges. As we navigate an increasingly complex digital landscape, it is essential to bring together the brightest minds, innovators, and cybersecurity experts to address emerging threats and explore groundbreaking solutions. The series of IT & Cybersecurity conferences in the United States aims to delve into the forefront of technological advancements while fortifying defenses against cyber risks, fostering innovation, and empowering individuals and organizations to thrive in a secure digital future.

Key Elements:

  1. Innovation at the Edge of Technology: This theme underscores the need to embrace innovation while acknowledging the associated risks. Discussions and workshops will spotlight emerging technologies like AI, IoT, blockchain, quantum computing, and their cybersecurity implications.
  2. Defense Strategies for a Resilient Future: The conferences will focus on proactive approaches to cybersecurity, emphasizing robust defense mechanisms, threat intelligence, incident response strategies, and risk mitigation frameworks. Experts will share insights on adaptive security measures and best practices to safeguard digital assets.
  3. Empowering Cybersecurity Culture: Cultivating a cybersecurity-aware culture is imperative. Sessions will explore the human element in cybersecurity, promoting education, training, and awareness programs to empower individuals and organizations to become proactive defenders against cyber threats.
  4. Collaboration and Partnerships: Encouraging collaboration between public and private sectors, academia, and industry leaders will be a central theme. The conferences will foster an environment for networking, knowledge exchange, and collaboration to tackle global cybersecurity challenges collectively.
  5. Ethical and Regulatory Considerations: Discussions will delve into the ethical implications of technological advancements, emphasizing the importance of responsible innovation. Additionally, the conferences will address compliance, regulations, and the evolving cybersecurity legal landscape.
  6. Sustainable Cybersecurity Practices: Recognizing the importance of sustainable cybersecurity practices, the events will explore eco-friendly and energy-efficient cybersecurity solutions while emphasizing reducing the carbon footprint of digital security measures.

The Panel will serve as a platform to drive thought leadership, showcase cutting-edge technologies, and foster a collaborative ecosystem dedicated to securing the digital future. By uniting visionaries, experts, and enthusiasts, this panel will propel the dialogue on shaping a secure, innovative, and empowered digital world.

Joshua Aaron - Technology Expert

Joshua Aaron

CEO - Aiden Technologies

Strategic and energetic leader of both people and technology, passionate about articulating a vision and driving change. Guides companies through organizational and technological transformations. Data-driven in his decision making. Possess a rare mix of a motivational, encouraging leadership among colleagues and the gravitas to be highly effective in client-facing interactions.


Shannon Albright

Chief Information Security Officer - RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing Corporation

People and education are the keys to success in the InfoSec arena. We must invest our time and efforts to ensure the public is aware that security is everyone's responsibility. Together we can change the world! As VP Information Security Operations, I advise and implement security best practices to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data and solutions.

Sailaja Kotra-Turner

VP & Chief Information Security Officer, Brown-Forman

IT Leader with cybersecurity experience Global technology and information security leader with expertise in creating and implementing strategic enterprise security solutions, data loss prevention controls, security incident response and forensics, and regulatory compliance processes and procedures within high-profile corporations. Skilled in collaborating with all members of the organization in driving improvements through change. A hands-on team leader with strong management, organizational and communication skills who thrives in challenging and dynamic environments. Areas of expertise • Team Building • Incident Management • Vendor Management • Relationship Building • Strategic Goal setting • Budgeting/Forecasting • Thought Leadership • Regulatory Compliance • Process Standardization • Transformation

Peeyush Patel

Chief Information Security Officer - XPO

Over 20 years of leadership, strategy, technical, operational and cyber risk management experience. Trusted and proven technology leader experienced in assessing, designing, building and operating large scale and cutting edge security platforms in complex and fast paced environments. Successfully formed and guided highly efficient, cohesive and global teams in both start-ups and mature organizations. Functional Experience – Over 15 years information technology and information security experience, with focus on the financial services sector, having successfully built and led security programs including cyber security, risk management, identity and access, data protection, product and software security, cyber engineering, cyber defense, automation, and compliance initiatives. Charged with incubating and evangelizing effective cybersecurity strategies, policies, solutions and practices. Domain Expertise & Involvement – Actively engaged in the industry to maintain peer group dialog, develop partnerships, share subject matter expertise and develop industry best practices. Advisory Board member. Frequent speaker at conferences and roundtables, and contributor to trade publications.

Cindy Heiner - Technology Expert

Cindy Heiner

Chief Information Security Officer - Aiden Technologies

Cybersecurity Executive who blends technology and people leadership experience with expertise in Security Leadership, Security Strategy, Security Operations, Application Security, and Trusted Advisory. Experience with Product Management and Agile Methodology. Deeply skilled in leading and growing professionals to allow them to achieve their potential and goals.