Closing Keynote - GenAI and the Rise of the Average Digital Hijacker

Tech Theater 1

Starts: June 5, 2024 4:00 pm
Ends: 5:00 pm

GenAI and the Rise of the Average Digital Hijacker

As artificial intelligence (AI) continues its rapid evolution, a concerning trend emerges: the empowerment of individuals with limited technical expertise to execute sophisticated digital attacks. This panel discussion titled “GenAI and the Rise of the Average Digital Hijacker” aims to explore this phenomenon at the intersection of AI, cybersecurity, and digital ethics.

The proliferation of AI tools, particularly those generated by algorithms like GenAI, has lowered the barrier to entry for malicious actors seeking to exploit vulnerabilities in digital systems. No longer limited to skilled hackers, the average individual now possesses the means to orchestrate cyberattacks with potentially devastating consequences.

Through a multidisciplinary lens, this panel will examine the drivers behind the democratization of AI tools and their implications for cybersecurity. Key topics include the ease of access to AI-generated content, the emergence of AI-driven social engineering tactics, and the ethical dilemmas surrounding the use of AI for malicious purposes.

Panelists, drawn from federal law enforcement, AI, and cybersecurity subject matter experts, will discuss strategies to counteract the rise of the average digital hijacker. These may include advancements in AI-driven threat detection, educational initiatives to promote digital literacy and responsible AI use, and policy measures aimed at regulating AI technologies in the context of cybersecurity.

By fostering dialogue among experts and stakeholders, this panel seeks to raise awareness of the evolving cyber threat landscape and identify actionable solutions to safeguard our digital infrastructure in an era defined by the democratization of AI.


Chris Thompson - Technology Expert

Christopher Thompson

Special Agent - FBI Cyber, Dallas

Secret Service Logo

Stefan Hare

Network Intrusion Forensic Analyst - U.S. Secret Service

Stefan Hare Network Intrusion Forensic Analyst. 12 years of law enforcement experience. Testified as an expert in the field of digital forensics both for federal and state criminal investigations. Currently assigned to the Dallas Field Office of the United States Secret Service.

Phillip Wylie

Offensive Security Expert - Horizon.AI

Phillip Wylie is a cybersecurity professional with over 26 years of industry experience in IT and cybersecurity. He is also a former Dallas College Adjunct Instructor and the founder of The Pwn School Project and DEFCON Group 940. Phillip has diverse experience in multiple cybersecurity disciplines, including network security, application security, and pentesting. As an offensive security professional with over a decade of experience, he has conducted pentests of networks, Wi-Fi networks, applications, red team operations, and social engineering. Phillip's contributions to the cybersecurity industry extend beyond his work as a pentester. He is the concept creator and co-author of “The Pentester BluePrint: Starting a Career as an Ethical Hacker,” a highly regarded book inspired by a lecture he presented to his class at Dallas College, which later became a conference talk. Phillip hosts “The Phillip Wylie Show” and "The Hacker Factory Podcast," where he interviews guests on how they got started in cybersecurity and their advice for aspiring cybersecurity professionals. Additionally, he is a frequent conference speaker, workshop instructor, and mentor.