Lunch & Learn - A Common Sense Approach to SaaS Management: Understanding Breadth, Depth and Context
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Starts: June 7, 2023 12:00 pm
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A common sense approach to SaaS Management should be comprehensive and address both business value and risk management of the organization.  Over the past few years, various tools have emerged to address some aspects of SaaS management or SaaS Security Posture Management, but these approaches still leave companies with gaps in visibility and siloed information.

An effective approach to SaaS management should cover three (3) core concepts to ensure its business value for stakeholders:

*            Breadth: The ability to discover both known and unknown SaaS applications, providing complete and actionable visibility into interconnectivity flows.

*            Depth: Uncover and mitigate various security risks, such as user access policies, password policies, and more that put sensitive customer and business data at risk – including identifying misconfigured SaaS settings and suspicious or malicious behavior.

*            Context: Provide Correlation and valuable data insights between SaaS apps, cloud services, devices and users in the organization’s environment.

In this presentation, we’ll review the core concepts above in detail and discuss how to;

  1. Effectively discover SaaS Apps in your environment,


  1. Manage internal policies with confidence and ensure that your SaaS applications are properly configured.


  1. Validate that SaaS users have access and proper permissions to various applications.


How to track and inform SaaS cost optimization and spend for your organization.

Justin Moss - Technology Expert

Justin Moss

Senior Sales Engineer - Axonius

Justin is passionate about informing industry practitioners on how to be proactive with their security tools and processes. Is a cybersecurity enthusiast with a CompTIA Security+ certification as well as an extensive background in emerging cyber fields like Breach and Attack Simulations (BAS), Vulnerability Risk Management (VRM), Application Security, and Endpoint Protection by holding roles at companies like Rapid7, and CrowdStrike. He stays proactive in the workplace by creating and delivering workshops that bridge gaps between security vendor solutions and practitioner needs.