Shift-Left, Shield Right: The Role of Real-Time CWPP in a CNAPP World

Tech Theater 3

Starts: June 7, 2023 1:00 pm
Ends: 2:00 pm
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The cloud is big business, and so is increasingly targeted by threat actors. The challenge comes down to this: how do we secure our cloud-enabled business without throttling innovation? After all, no one went to the cloud to slow down. Join SentinelOne as we speak plainly about cloud defense in depth. From build time to runtime, we will discuss the complementary roles of agentless (“shift-left”) and agent-based (“shield right”) security layers. We will cover both CNAPP (Cloud-Native Application Protection Platforms) and real-time cloud workload protection (CWPP), sharing insights which hopefully help you to accelerate innovation while operating securely.

Rick Bosworth - Technology Expert

Rick Bosworth

Director, Product Marketing - SentinelOne

Rick Bosworth is an engineer turned product manager and marketer, bringing an uncommon technical perspective to enterprise GTM strategy and execution for almost two decades. At SentinelOne, his focus in cybersecurity, in particular cloud workloads, IoT and user endpoint security, has provided expertise to the rapidly-evolving challenges across multiple fronts.