Digital Wallets and Security

Tech Theater 1

Starts: June 7, 2023 1:00 pm
Ends: 2:00 pm
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Do you know what a digital (crypto) wallet is?

Maybe you purchased some crypto or bought an NFT, on the whim of a YouTube or TikTok video or maybe a family member or friend showed you how.

In order to have purchased that crypto or NFT, let’s call them “digital assets”, it very likely that you created what’s called a digital wallet, or more commonly referred to as a crypto wallet.

The reality of the future is that in order to participate in the next version of the Web, aka Web3, you WILL need a digital wallet, just as you need a browser or app to access the internet today.

Little do many know, self-custody of these digital assets in one’s digital wallet poses a significant risk, if one does not know how to manage and secure the digital wallet.
In keeping with our mission, Web3 Texas will be presenting on this very topic at a very foundational level.

During this session, you can expect to learn at least, if not more, of the following basics on digital wallets:
1.       What is Web3
2.       Why Bitcoin?
3.       Major Industries in Web3
4.       Pre-reqs to Accessing the Web3
5.       Using Digital Wallets
6.       How Wallets Work
7.       Wallet Map
8.       Protecting Wallet Credentials
9.       Multi-Wallet & Wallet Twin
10.     Wallet Permissions and Sessions
11.     Security Tools
12.     Avoiding Scams and Theft
13.     Not Your Keys, Not Your Coins
14.     Wallet Recovery

We believe that such foundational learning is crucial in everyone’s entrance and participation in Web3.


Nick James

Founder WEB3 Texas