Security of AI: Leveraging the AI Adoption & Management Framework to Secure AI

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Starts: June 5, 2024 2:00 pm
Ends: 3:00 pm
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Security of AI: Leveraging the AI Adoption & Management Framework to Secure AI

In the age of digital transformation, securing AI systems is paramount to maintaining trust and integrity across organizational operations. The Secure Layer within the AI Adoption and Management Framework (AI-AMF) is designed to address this critical need by providing a robust security architecture that safeguards AI assets against evolving cyber threats.

This presentation delves into the Secure Layer’s comprehensive approach to fortifying AI systems, from the meticulous creation of security policies and protocols to continuous monitoring and rigorous testing. We will explore the key components, including AI Inventory, AI Risk Management, AI Policy, AI Security Testing, and AI Security Guardrails, which collectively form an impregnable defense mechanism.

Attendees will gain insights into how the Secure Layer not only protects AI initiatives but also ensures compliance with industry standards and regulatory mandates. By embedding security into every stage of AI development and deployment, organizations can achieve a resilient AI ecosystem that fosters trust, reliability, and sustained innovation.

Join WhitegloveAI’s CEO, Nick James, to learn how the Secure Layer of the AI-AMF can transform your AI strategy, making security a foundational element that propels your enterprise towards a secure and prosperous AI-driven future.


Nick James

CEO & Chief AI Officer, WhitegloveAI

Nick James, the founder of WhitegloveAI, brings over 16 years of leadership in cybersecurity and enterprise risk management to the forefront of AI technology integration. His venture specializes in the secure and strategic application of AI solutions, marrying cutting-edge AI innovation with stringent cybersecurity measures. Under Nick’s guidance, WhitegloveAI excels in navigating the complex interplay between AI adoption and risk management, fostering a secure framework for technological advancements. Adept at protecting assets against sophisticated threats and achieving cross-regulatory compliance, Nick's vision is centered on pioneering a safe transition into AI-enhanced operations for organizations. Known for cultivating synergies between IT experts and executive leadership, he is committed to translating emerging challenges into resilient, growth-oriented outcomes. At WhitegloveAI, Nick’s ambition is to sculpt a legacy of enabling AI with integrity, ensuring that businesses not only stay secure but thrive in the fast-paced digital landscape.