Taking the Complexity out of Cloud with CloudKey & Zerto

Tech Theater 3

Starts: June 7, 2023 11:00 am
Ends: 12:00 pm
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About CloudKey
CloudKey provides a highly available, turn-key cloud computing platform that replicates your live workload, multi-site from day one. Engineered from industry leading software and designed to overcome the complexity and cost of operating a multi-regional cloud ecosystem at a fixed and cost-effective price. CloudKey delivers a best practice security posture from the network edge inward in order to check all the boxes on today’s cyber threats.

CloudKey is a fully customizable cloud computing platform that is engineered to be configured by the user to meet their specific unique requirements. CloudKey can be maintained by the user in real time. It is provided to the user at a fraction of the cost of the industry leading cloud solutions.


Talking Points

  1. Moving to the Cloud
  2. Today’s Cloud Market
  3. The Benefits of CloudKey

Jonathan Pike

VP of Cloud Services - CloudKey

Jonathan Pike is a recognized professional in the field of Cloud Services, Information Technology Infrastructure and Managed IT Services. As an executive with over 22+ years of experience building and operating IT service businesses, he excels at generating customer satisfaction. His management and leadership of CloudKey's Cloud Computing teams has made Jonathan an indispensable resource for helping customers achieve success in the most efficient and budget responsive way possible. As a versatile creative problem solver, Jonathan’s leadership style inspires his teams to exceed customer expectations with his spirit of innovation and ingenuity. Jonathan holds a Bachelors degree in Management Information Systems from Baylor University. Specialties include Business and Executive Leadership, Business Innovation and Strategy, Cloud Strategy, Cloud Computing, IaaS, Paas, SaaS, Managed IT Services, Data Center and Network Operations Management, System Administration, IT Strategy and Planning

Chris Martin

Executive Vice President - CloudKey

As a strategic minded executive and team builder across diverse functional areas, Chris has a major impact on customer success. His ability to optimize the IT practice to meet unique customer needs delivers tangible value to the customer’s bottom line. His strong competency in dealing with complex business issues, utilizing financial expertise, innovation and market revitalization has sustained an impressive record of delivering profitable business growth. With 24+ years across diverse functional areas in multiple industries, Chris has gained vast experience in creating companies from start-up and building to mature state, generating growth in sales and revenue. He has a proven ability to optimize niche market opportunities and develop a differentiated business product to meet customer needs. Chris has sustained an impressive record of delivering profitable growth and building teams that are empowered and driven toward a common goal.

Crystal DiFabio

Cloud Solutions Architect - Zerto

With 20 years of experience I am confident that I can setup and configure your network topology while maintaining security guidelines. I have experience running all major brands of hardware and can also utilize the latest versions of HyperV and VMWare to build out a virtualized environment. Once running I am proficient at disaster recovery using Zerto and ensuring backups are readily available through Azure and Veritas. I can maintain and enhance cluster database configurations and implement load balanced web services. All the while showing exemplary leadership and communication skills.