CISO Book Signing - Featuring Michael Oberlaender
Book 1: STRATEGY, TACTICS, & LEADERSHIP: How to Succeed in InfoSec and CyberSecurity; Book 2: C(I)SO - And Now What?: How to Successfully Build Security by Design

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Starts: September 21, 2023 3:00 pm
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STRATEGY, TACTICS, & LEADERSHIP: How to Succeed in InfoSec and CyberSecurity

Author – Michael S. Oberlaender – Global CISO and Cybersecurity Thought Leader

This book is written by a C(I)SO for C(I)SOs – and also addresses CEOs, CROs, CLOs, CIOs, CTOs, Security Managers, Privacy Leaders, Lawyers, and even Marketing and Sales executives. It is written by a seven-time career CISO for other visionaries, leaders, strategists, architects, compliance and audit experts, those politically interested, as well as, revolutionaries, and students of IS, IT, and STEM subjects that want to step up their game in InfoSec and Cybersecurity. The book connects the dots about past data breaches and their misconceptions; provides an international perspective on privacy laws like GDPR and several others, about threat actors and threat vectors; introduces strategy and tactics for securing your organization; presents a first glimpse on leadership; explains security program planning and backup plans; examines team building; conceptualizes the governance board; explores budgets; cooperates with the PMO; divulges into tactics; further elaborates on leadership; establishes the reporting structure; illustrates risk assessments; elucidates security processes, principals, and architectural designs; enumerates security metrics; skims compliance; demonstrates attack surface reduction; explicates security intelligence; conceptualizes S-SDLC (SecDevOps); depicts security management; epitomizes global leadership; illustrates the cloud’s weaknesses; and finishes with an outlook on IoT. If you are in need of strong, proven, battle-tested security advice for a progressing security career, if you’re looking for the security wisdom of a global, experienced leader to make smart decisions, if you are an architect and want to know how to securely architect and design using guiding principles, design patterns, and controls, or even if you work in sales and want to understand how (not) to sell to the CISO – this is your almanac – and you will read and reference it many times. Michael S. Oberlaender is one of the best globally renowned security leaders; he has worked for over two and a half decades in global executive security roles for several global market-leading companies. Mr. Oberlaender is a sought-after conference speaker, panelist, and moderator; he has published numerous thought-leadership articles in the leading security journals, and is the author of the famous book C(I)SO – And Now What – How to Successfully Build Security by Design.

C(I)SO – And Now What?: How to Successfully Build Security By Design

Author – Micheal S. Oberlaender – Global CISO and Cybersecurity Thought Leader

Have you ever wondered why so many companies and their security leaders fail in today’s cyber challenges? Regardless if you are new in this role and look for guidance, or you are considering yourself an expert and just wish to verify that you haven’t forgotten anything – this book will help you to tackle the subject right – by building “security by design”. The content covers your initial phases in the job such as setting expectations, base lining, gap analysis, capabilities building, and org chart variances. It then leads you to define security architecture, addressing a secure development process, application security and also security policy levels. Further items such as awareness programs, asset management, teaming up with audit, risk management, and finally the strategy development are covered. Then we dive into ROIs, trust relationships, KPIs, incident response, forensics, before we run into crises management by looking at some specific examples of personal experience of the author – himself a C(I)SO for many years. The book is ending by providing advice how to deal with other executive management, and what kind of education, certifications, and networking you need to focus on.



Michael S. Oberlaender

Global Security Thought Leader & CISO Company Strictly Confidential

Visionary, global industry leader, dynamic, focused, multilingual, Senior Technology and Security & Privacy Executive with successful track record in developing and leading corporate technology and information security programs for global organizations. Board Member, Advisory Board Member, governance and audit committee, committed change agent, transformation agent, translator between business and technology & security, cross-functional strategic and tactical approach ensuring enterprise security initiatives. 25+ years full time global security leadership in eight different CSO/CISO roles (career CSO). Highly accomplished problem-solver, polished communicator exhibiting highest ethical standards, professionalism and attention to strategic vision and tactical detail. Master of Science (Elite University Heidelberg, Germany). Published multiple books, journal articles author, public conference speaker, panel moderator, visionary thought leader, strong execution. ➤QUOTED IN THE WSJ: ➤ ➤ ➤EXPLORING: I am currently exploring the market for a leadership opportunity (Board or C-suite). ➤CONTACT: / @msoberlaender ➤NEW BOOK: GLOBAL CISO - STRATEGY, TACTICS, & LEADERSHIP: How to Succeed in InfoSec and CyberSecurity ISBN-13: 979-8604917756 ISBN-10: 8604917756 ➤BOOK: ISBN-13: 978-1480237414 ISBN-10: 1480237418 It has received very positive reviews from various leading security journals/publications & readers. ➤BOARD MEMBER: ISACA GHC, FIDO ➤ADVISORY BOARD MEMBER: SentinelOne, TriagingX Inc., Netscope ➤SPEAKING - see VOLUNTEER section ➤SPECIALTIES: CSO, CISO, CIO, CTO, GLOBAL C-Suite Leadership, Security, Privacy, GDPR, Risk, Compliance, Information Technology.