Observability is a Must Have Component of Your Cybersecurity

Tech Theater 3

Starts: September 14, 2022 11:00 am
Ends: 12:00 pm
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Time-sensitive insights are a must have when your teams are dealing with nation state actors and criminal gangs.  Their use of technology is changing and advancing daily.  How can you deal with zero-day intrusions, BEC, or insider threats when you don’t have depth of insight into your total infrastructure?  Combining live streaming analytics along with the ability to pull all your defense-in-depth security products together to get deeper insight is only the beginning of Observability.  Come learn how you can change your approach to the next level.


Christopher Jordan

Fluency Security CEO, Co-Founder

Chris Jordan is the CEO and co-founder of Fluency Security an award-winning cybersecurity innovator that offers streaming analytics of live data using adaptive behavioral SIEM technology relied upon by many of the country s most discerning organizations. One of the many efforts he s leading is to provide enhanced cybersecurity awareness from diverse and distributed networks common in today s hybrid workforces enterprise businesses and multi-national businesses by leveraging advanced user and entity behavioral analytics UEBA and machine learning. Mr. Jordan has worked in security since 1989. An original member of the Army CERT he has also established and managed a number of CERTs in the Federal Government and commercially to include the DoD CERT Army CERT FAA CISRC NetSec now Verizon SOC JP Morgan CERT and Dupont CERT. In 2003 Mr. Jordan started Endeavor Security in order to pursue innovations addressing the shortcomings in operations security and enterprise security. The result was a product based on artificial intelligence which automated signatures while detecting new threats to an organization. Endeavor was primarily funded by the Department of Homeland Security DHS and the National Security Agency NSA . Endeavor Security was acquired by McAfee in 2009 where Mr Jordan was the vice president of McAfee s Threat Intelligence.