Building Cooperation and Understanding Between Security and IT

Tech Theater 2

Starts: September 14, 2022 2:00 pm
Ends: 3:00 pm
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Because many “older” information security/cybersecurity professionals started in an information technology (IT) role first, they understand IT and the role it plays in their organization. Today, it is common to go straight into the security field without working in IT first, but it is still important for the modern security professional and the modern IT professional to have a good understanding of each other’s mindsets and priorities.  Join Dr. Gerald Auger and Michael Farnum as they talk about the differences and parallels between IT and info/cyber security. There will also be some bonus discussion for those who are interested in moving from IT to cyber and what that looks like in today’s world.


Dr. Gerald Auger, Phd

ThreatGen Founder, Simply Cyber & CISO

I am passionate about information security and believe there is an appropriate tailored information security program for every organization that reduces cybersecurity risk increases value and supports the business mission. Through Coastal Information Security Group I provide large and small organizations my consulting and advisory cyber security services to implement these programs. DEGREES PhD Cyber Operations 2019 MS Information Assurance 2011 MS Computer Science 2008 BS Computer Science 2003 CERTIFICATIONS CISSP HCISPP - Lic 344804CISM - Lic 1323801CISA - Lic 14117435CHPS - Lic 234726


Michael Farnum

CTO, Set Solutions & Founder HouSecCon