Cracking the Code: Insights from the Frontlines of Digital Warfare

Tech Theater 2

Starts: July 19, 2024 11:00 am
Ends: 12:00 pm
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Cracking the Code: Insights from the Frontlines of Digital Warfare

In this session, we will share a current threat landscape assessment, experience gained protecting internet assets for Ukraine and neighboring states during the current conflict and information about how the Radware equips customers to stay ahead of new threats like fast-modulating encrypted HTTP DDoS attacks.

We will also present best practice strategies for integrating the Radware WAF, API Protection, Bot Manager and DDoS Mitigation stacks into your environments.


Neal Quinn

Head of Cloud Security, Radware

Neal Quinn is Head of Cloud Security, North America at Radware. Neal has over 20 years of experience in the architecture and operation of managed cloud security services and cloud DDoS mitigation. Prior to Radware, Neal was VP of Networks at Akamai, leading the global capacity planning organization and later in his tenure the countermeasures engineering teams for the Security Business Unit, in addition to leading large global capacity buildout programs for the DDoS mitigation scrubbing centers. Prior to its acquisition by Akamai, Neal was the CTO at Prolexic Technologies, leading the SOC, Engineering, Architecture and SERT teams. Neal has extensive experience consulting with large enterprise accounts and facilitating tactical security responses in complex organizations.