Securing Tomorrow's Digital Frontiers: Innovate, Defend, Empower
CISO Roundtable

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Starts: March 13, 2024 2:00 pm
Ends: 3:00 pm
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Overview: In today’s interconnected world, the rapid evolution of technology presents both incredible opportunities and unprecedented challenges. As we navigate an increasingly complex digital landscape, it is essential to bring together the brightest minds, innovators, and cybersecurity experts to address emerging threats and explore groundbreaking solutions. The series of IT & Cybersecurity conferences in the United States aims to delve into the forefront of technological advancements while fortifying defenses against cyber risks, fostering innovation, and empowering individuals and organizations to thrive in a secure digital future.

Key Elements:

  1. Innovation at the Edge of Technology: This theme underscores the need to embrace innovation while acknowledging the associated risks. Discussions and workshops will spotlight emerging technologies like AI, IoT, blockchain, quantum computing, and their cybersecurity implications.
  2. Defense Strategies for a Resilient Future: The conferences will focus on proactive approaches to cybersecurity, emphasizing robust defense mechanisms, threat intelligence, incident response strategies, and risk mitigation frameworks. Experts will share insights on adaptive security measures and best practices to safeguard digital assets.
  3. Empowering Cybersecurity Culture: Cultivating a cybersecurity-aware culture is imperative. Sessions will explore the human element in cybersecurity, promoting education, training, and awareness programs to empower individuals and organizations to become proactive defenders against cyber threats.
  4. Collaboration and Partnerships: Encouraging collaboration between public and private sectors, academia, and industry leaders will be a central theme. The conferences will foster an environment for networking, knowledge exchange, and collaboration to tackle global cybersecurity challenges collectively.
  5. Ethical and Regulatory Considerations: Discussions will delve into the ethical implications of technological advancements, emphasizing the importance of responsible innovation. Additionally, the conferences will address compliance, regulations, and the evolving cybersecurity legal landscape.
  6. Sustainable Cybersecurity Practices: Recognizing the importance of sustainable cybersecurity practices, the events will explore eco-friendly and energy-efficient cybersecurity solutions while emphasizing reducing the carbon footprint of digital security measures.

The Panel will serve as a platform to drive thought leadership, showcase cutting-edge technologies, and foster a collaborative ecosystem dedicated to securing the digital future. By uniting visionaries, experts, and enthusiasts, this panel will propel the dialogue on shaping a secure, innovative, and empowered digital world.

Frank Gimmelmann - Technology Expert

Frank Grimmelmann

President & CEO - Arizona Cyber Threat Response Alliance Inc

Mike Manrod - Technology Expert

Mike Manrod

Chief Information Security Officer - Grand Canyon University

Gene Traylor

Director of Safety and Security, Phoenix Suns

A born and raised Phoenician, Gene is a seasoned professional with over 12 years of experience in physical security operations, internal/external criminal investigations, and asset protection programs. His expertise spans across diverse industries, including retail, healthcare, technology, and financial banking. Currently, Gene serves as the Director of Safety and Security with the Phoenix Suns/Phoenix Mercury organization. In 2021, Gene achieved the Certified Protection Professional (CPP) designation from ASIS International, showcasing his comprehensive knowledge in Personnel & Physical Security, Crisis Management, Executive Protection, and Information Security. This designation positions him among security practitioners globally, highlighting his commitment to excellence in the field. Gene continues to leverage his extensive leadership experience to make a significant impact to the physical and cybersecurity world. His dedication to fostering a secure and inclusive environment aligns seamlessly with the dynamic nature of the sports and entertainment industry.

Anthony Dezilva

Sr. Information Security Architect - Mercury Insurance

Formally trained as a Software/Electrical Engineer, with 25+ years of hands-on expertise as a Network / Cloud / Security Architect. Combining my MBA in Global Management from Thunderbird, Law School (1L), and Ph.D. work in Organizational Psychology; I bring a unique skill set, effective in managing Organizational Change / Digital Transformation, helping retain and develop teams in the midst of the global skills shortage. Focused on cybersecurity in the last 15 years, I specialize in the effective use of Threat Intelligence as a predictive tool, part of org's defensive posture. A battle-hardened Incident Responder, I am the Chief Architect & CTO of ACTRA's Global Watch Center, helping investigate and remediate 0-day IoCs against CIKR.

Ryan Murray - Technology Expert

Ryan Murray

Interim Chief Information Security Officer - State of Arizona

Experienced information security professional with a background in IT, and a demonstrated history of state and local government service.

Bianca Lochner, Ph.D.

Chief Information Officer - City of Scottsdale

Jean Shapiro

Chief Security Officer - Achieve

Technology and Cybersecurity Leader with 20+ years of experience. Leading large scale global information technology organizations in the financial services and Healthcare industries. Currently leading the Cyber organization for a large healthcare system in the United States. Experience as Interim CISO leading the Cyber team through the integration of two large healthcare companies. Recognized for strategic thinking, coupled with a strong technology background and outstanding leadership skills which deliver amazing results. Excels at creating innovative solutions for highly complex problems through technology, people and process change. A respected change agent, coach and mentor known for building loyal, skilled and high performing technology teams. Experience that spans across all IT disciplines and technology platforms - cybersecurity, infrastructure, network, application development, vendor management and enterprise strategy.