Lessons Learned for Securing M365

Tech Theater 3

Starts: March 13, 2024 11:00 am
Ends: 12:00 pm
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Lessons Learned for Securing M365

Abstract – Jordan works with customers every day to help monitor and secure their environments. Approximately 80% of his customers use M365, Hybrid, or some variation of those.  In this talk he will highlight and discuss some best practices and common configuration errors seen on a daily basis and help you address some potential risks to securing your M365 environment.  If you don’t use M365, that’s ok!  These concepts also apply to other platforms like Google Workspace, etc.


Jordan Gackowski

Senior Systems Engineer, Adlumin

Jordan Gackowski is a Senior Systems Engineer team leader at Adlumin Inc., a cybersecurity technology firm that focuses on revolutionizing how corporate institutions secure themselves while achieving their compliance objectives through its managed detection and response platform. Before Adlumin, Jordan started his information security career as a Signals Intelligence Analyst in the United States Army. He has built experience in various roles such as Senior Manager for Cloud Security, a Forensic Engineer in Iraq, and as a Security Consultant responsible for a Global 50 customer’s computer incident response operations in the Asia-Pacific region and has worked in numerous other pre-sales roles. He has a background in project management, computer forensic collection and examination, pre-sales engineering, and corporate investigations.