Protecting Enterprise Identities with Identity Security

Tech Theater 2

Starts: March 13, 2024 11:00 am
Ends: 12:00 pm
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The threat landscape has grown increasingly dangerous. Organizations must defend against everything from ransomware attacks to state-sponsored operations. As they modernize their security infrastructures, they explore or implement emerging solutions to increase their security posture and address these concerns. While many of these are necessary steps to deal with evolving attacks, there is a new security capability they should also consider implementing.

The most common methods attackers use to breach organizations and move laterally target identities, but unfortunately, many organizations aren’t prepared to deal with them. Current identity security focuses on safeguarding privileged credentials in PAM solutions or securing the authentication process with MFA and IAM solutions. While necessary, these measures don’t protect identities and identity infrastructure as the critical assets they are.

Join Joseph Salazar of Sentinel One as he talks about the importance of Identity Security to a modern cyber defense and how implementing it can improve your security posture by limiting credential misuse, misdirecting reconnaissance, and derailing lateral movement.


Joseph Salazar, CISSP, CEH, EnCE

Identity Security Technologist

Joseph Salazar is a veteran Information Security professional with over 25 years of military and civilian experience. He is a retired Major from the US Army Reserves, having served 22 years as a Counterintelligence Agent, Military Intelligence Officer, and Cyber-Security Officer. He held many roles in his civilian information security career, including CSIRT Analyst, Security Operations Manager, and Computer Forensic Investigator. He maintains the CISSP, CEH, and EnCE certifications, holds a BA in Legal Studies from UC Berkeley, and currently works for SentinelOne in Product Marketing as an Identity Security Technologist.