Executive Keynote Panel
Navigating AI Trust, Risk and Security Management in the Transformation Age

Tech Theater 1

Starts: April 9, 2024 9:00 am
Ends: 10:00 am
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In the ever-evolving landscape of Artificial Intelligence (AI), building trust, managing risks, and ensuring robust security have become paramount concerns for businesses and organizations alike. As AI continues to catalyze transformation across industries, understanding how to navigate these crucial aspects has never been more essential.

Our panel discussion, titled “Navigating AI Trust, Risk, and Security Management in the Transformation Age,” brings together experts and thought leaders in AI, data privacy, and cybersecurity to explore the multifaceted challenges and opportunities associated with AI implementation. From the ethical considerations surrounding AI algorithms to the potential risks and vulnerabilities in AI systems, this session will delve into the intricate balance between innovation and protection.

Key topics of discussion will include:

  1. Building Trust: Unpacking the importance of transparency, fairness, and accountability in AI systems and how they can be achieved.
  2. Risk Assessment: Identifying and mitigating risks in AI, from data breaches to bias in machine learning models.
  3. Security Measures: Exploring the latest advancements in AI security, including threat detection and AI-driven cybersecurity.
  4. Regulatory Compliance: Navigating the evolving landscape of AI-related regulations and standards, and their impact on business strategies.
  5. Ethical AI: Discussing the ethical considerations when designing, implementing, and using AI, and how organizations can uphold ethical principles.

This panel session promises to provide valuable insights and practical takeaways for anyone involved in harnessing the power of AI, offering a roadmap to success in the rapidly evolving world of AI trust, risk, and security management. Join us to stay ahead in the transformation age.


Larry Whiteside Jr

Chief Information Security Officer - RegScale

A former United States Air Force Officer with over 25 years experience in building and running cybersecurity programs, Larry Whiteside Jr. is a veteran CISO, CSO, and CTO in the cybersecurity field with extensive experience in C-Level security roles across industries including DoD, Federal Government, Financial Services, Healthcare, and Critical Infrastructure. As the CISO of RegScale, a Continuous Controls Monitoring (CCM) platform that overcomes the limitations in legacy Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC) by bridging security, risk, and compliance, Larry leads internal security governance.He also contributes to RegScale’s go-to-market efforts integrated with Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success, helping RegScale generate and close new business, improve partner and customer enablement, and create excitement for the RegScale offering in the market. Larry routinely advises corporate security executives and companies across the Fortune 2000. He has helped CEOs and board members of private cybersecurity companies achieve their goals in sales, marketing, and customer service retention. A thought leader in the industry, Larry is frequently featured in articles about information security and risk management and is a sought-after speaker at conferences such as the Gartner Security Summit, RSA Conference, the SC World Congress, ISC2, Secure World, Black MEA, and InfoSec World. Larry is also the Co-Founder of Cyversity, a 501(c)3 non-profit association that is dedicated to increasing the number of minorities and women in the cybersecurity career field.


Christina Shannon

Chief Information Officer - KIK Consumer Products

I am an innovative CIO with over 20 years of experience in technology and security leadership roles across 11 industries. I am passionate about empowering teams to achieve the extraordinary and enabling organizations to unlock true value through securely deploying automation, AI, and digitalization capabiltiies. My expertise lies in tackling complex technical challenges, executing technology and security roadmaps, and staying at the forefront of emerging tech trends. Some of my notable achievements include leading a hands-on initiative for developing a production IoT manufacturing system, architecting digital products that automate manual processes, leveraging cutting-edge process control software, and successfully migrating ERP systems to the cloud. My security strategy is centered on aligning processes and technologies with the organization's risk tolerance, prioritizing capabilities such as MFA, EDR/MDR, data backup segmentation and recovery, and cyber-resiliency. I hold a CISSP certification and a bachelor's degree in information technology.

Sidney Fernandes

VP of Information Technology & Chief Information Officer - University of South Florida

Andrew Cannata

Global Chief Information Security Officer - Primo Water Corporation

Accomplished information security and technology executive leader. Outstanding record of success in leading, establishing, maturing, and optimizing information technology and cyber security programs within organizations across diverse industries. Highly-developed C-level advisory and consulting skills.

Steve Hindle

Founder - Achilles Shield; Chief Security & Compliance Advisor - Spirion

Steve is the Founder of Achilles Shield, a global cybersecurity consulting and advisory organization that specializes in building lean programs that “protect your future.” He is the CISO in Residence for The CISO Society, and the Chief Security & Compliance advisor for Spirion, the world’s most accurate data discovery platform. Steve is an operational leader, presenter, and change agent with decades of security leadership experience in both Public and private sector, in the areas of cybersecurity, geo-political risk, physical security, and GRC. As a breach-seasoned global executive, Steve has a reputation for delivering a solid foundation of trust, resilience, and good humor, to build best in class and business-forward, technology and cybersecurity programs. Well known for his strengths in leading organizations through complex change, Steve has delivered crisis response in globally disrupting events including cyber-attacks, breaches, civil unrest, and natural or man-made disasters.