SentinelOne Lunch & Learn - Balancing AI With the Indispensable Human Element in Cybersecurity

Tech Theater 2

Starts: April 9, 2024 12:00 pm
Ends: 1:00 pm
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Balancing AI With The Indispensable Human Element in Cybersecurity

Artificial Intelligence is a pervasive part of our lives today and cybersecurity teams and adversaries alike have learned to harness the speed and power of machines to strengthen their capabilities. With machine learning becoming one of the most important tools of defense, leaders must balance the overwhelming speed and accuracy advantage of AI with the need for measured and intuitive interactions with a real-world human element.

Join this session to discuss:
* What these trends mean for the hands-on practitioner
* What happens when the velocity of innovation outpaces the capabilities of human intellect
* The evolving role of automation in the effective practice of securing our digital world


Michael Leland

Chief Cybersecurity Evangelist

Michael brings over 25 years of security domain expertise. He is responsible for messaging and strategic development of the XDR product roadmap. Prior to SentinelOne he held the title of Chief Technical Strategist for McAfee. Michael served formerly as the co-founder and CTO at NitroSecurity – later acquired by McAfee - where he was responsible for developing and implementing NitroSecurity's overall SIEM technology vision and roadmap. Michael has held senior technical management positions at Cabletron and Avaya. At Avaya, a global telecommunications equipment and services vendor, he served as CTO where he led the company in its strategic efforts for converged data/voice development initiatives. Michael studied Computer and Electrical Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology and received an honorary MBA from Bentley University where he helped create the Information Age MBA curriculum. He is also an adjunct professor teaching cybersecurity courses at Rochester Institute of Technology in New York and Norwich University in Vermont.