Breaking Barriers, Empowering Innovations: Women Driving the Future of Technology
Women in Technology Roundtable

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Starts: April 9, 2024 1:00 pm
Ends: 2:00 pm
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Breaking Barriers, Empowering Innovations: Women Driving the Future of Technology


The Women in Technology panel at our annual technology conference is a celebration of the remarkable contributions, unique perspectives, and transformative leadership of women in the tech industry. Under the banner of “Breaking Barriers, Empowering Innovations,” this panel gathers inspirational female trailblazers, thought leaders, and advocates who have carved their paths in technology to share insights, challenges, and triumphs.

The discussion will spotlight the pivotal roles women play in shaping the technological landscape, driving innovation, and fostering inclusive environments within the industry. From startups to multinational corporations, our esteemed panelists will share their journeys, offering invaluable perspectives on overcoming obstacles, navigating career growth, and fostering diversity and inclusivity in tech.

Moreover, the conversation will delve into the importance of mentorship, networking, and empowering the next generation of women in technology. Attendees can expect a vibrant dialogue exploring strategies to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in the tech sphere while highlighting the unique contributions and perspectives that women bring to the forefront of innovation.

Join us for an engaging and empowering session as we celebrate the achievements of women in technology, amplify their voices, and chart a path forward towards a more inclusive, diverse, and innovative future for the industry.


Ivonne Yeste

Chief Executive Officer, IvonneOnTech Inc

I create profitable partnerships between companies that create transformational technology solutions, those that sell them, and those that buy them. More than 15 years of technology sales leadership, go-to-market strategy, and partner management expertise, 5+ years of direct technology consulting sales experience, and 8+ years of hands-on IT data center leadership across verticals, including Healthcare, Financial Services, SLED, and FED. Experienced with hardware, software, services, aaS, and other transformational technologies. Servant leader driving diversity and inclusion in sales and IT teams. Riveting public speaker creating genuine connections with an audience. Lifelong student. Fitness aficionado. Entrepreneurial blogger for IvonneOnTech. Budding vlogger and podcaster. Enthusiastic mentor.


Andrea Hartman

Chief Information Officer - Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office

Marianne A. Kirkland

Senior Information Technology Manager & Delivery Lead - TD SYNNEX

Highly qualified and results-driven IT Leader and a Global Director of Networks for WITI (Women in Technology International) with over 20 years of servant leadership experience driven to boost revenues and cut company costs through innovative management techniques. Organized and diligent, with excellent oral, written, and interpersonal communication skills. Skilled in developing and mentoring new associates. Successful in building and motivating dynamic teams.

Chhavi Tripathi

Vice President of Technology - Citi

Chhavi Tripathi is Vice President of technology at Citibank. She and her team are responsible for developing creative technical solutions for avoiding and minimizing risks and downtime in end-to-end automation of underwriting processes across businesses for primary debt offerings. Chhavi holds a masters degree with thesis in Bioinformatics from the University of British Columbia.

Sommer Hess

US Technology Delivery Director - PwC

Engaging, competitive, and accountable Project Management Director with extensive experience implementing proactive solutions and directing projects. Hands on management style with vision for improved processes and increased efficiency. Demonstrates ability to manage competing priorities, ensure best practices, and collaborate with others.